New Skelzies! Android, Blackberry, and coming soon to iOS!

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  • Enjoy new level's with obstacles!
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Old Version Of Skelzies

How to play Skelzies!

Simple Game Tips
  • Aim at the closest cap or land in the flashing square.
  • Get to 13 and back down to become a "Killer"
  • Eliminate the other players by hitting there cap once you are a "Killer"
  • First player to eliminate all the other caps wins the game.
Watch Out! Do not land in the spots labeled K. If you do you will loose up to 3 turns, unless you are knocked out of the spot by an oppononent.

Press P to pause game for more options.

Skelzies (AKA, Skelly, Skully, Skelsies, Tops, or Caps) is a game played on the streets of New York. A board is drawn on the asphalt of the street with either chalk, or spray paint (for a permanent board). This is our first video game, and we hope you enjoy it. New Beta version of Skelzies will be realesed soon with many new features and levels! Skelzies Online is being created from the ground up with a new physics engine, enhanced UI and gameplay elements, and social networking features. Please check back soon to sign up as a beta tester!

We hope you enjoy playing our game, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve Skelzies, or ideas for another game, feel free to contact us.

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